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NATO SOF ISR Operations and Intelligence Collections Course

Note:  This course was previously two separate intelligence and operations courses, and has been combined into one course.  The course is geared toward both intelligence and operations personnel.

Aim:  To develop the necessary skills and knowledge of ISR capabilities and intelligence collection activities required to support NATO SOF missions.  This will be accomplished by ensuring NATO SOCC staff (J2 and J3) understand the necessary levels of liaison, coordination, and integration required with higher HQ, other component commands, and subordinate unit staff.  Graduates will apply the knowledge gained to ensure the efficient and effective use of air, ground, and maritime ISR capabilities during the planning, execution, and assessment of SOF operations to produce the desired effects.

Objective:  Students will demonstrate integration between operations and intelligence staff during the planning, directing, monitoring, and assessing of ISR operations in support of SOF missions.  Students will also demonstrate how operations and intelligence personnel can synchronize ISR capabilities with intelligence collection planning to support NATO SOF missions.

Description:  This course is designed to promote the synchronization between J2 and J3 personnel when supporting NATO SOF operations.  In this course, operations and intelligence specialists engage with one another to effectively synchronize ISR capabilities and intelligence collection in support of NATO SOF.  The course consists of a series of lectures, case studies, and practical exercises, during which J2 and J3 students work together as part of a SOCC staff.  Students work in syndicates to develop intelligence collection plans and ISR coordination matrixes, match collection priorities to ISR capabilities, and assess overall ISR operational effectiveness related to a complex, multi-day scenario.

The ISR operations track focuses on the synchronization and integration of planning and execution of ISR operations, capabilities, and assets to support SOF by presenting various aspects of requesting, coordinating, integrating, monitoring, and assessing ISR in support of all phases of special operations missions. 

The intelligence collection track focuses on the integration and synchronization of all-source intelligence planning and collection.  The course presents various intelligence aspects of collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination.  Emphasis is placed on collection processes and products that contribute to a commander’s decision-making process, battle rhythm, and SA. 

Students will be expected to brief the details of their intelligence collection plans, ISR coordination/management, and assessments to the class and instructors, who will act as the SOCC J2 and J3.

Target Audience:  The target audience includes military officers, NCOs, and civilian equivalents.  Students should be SOF operations or intelligence personnel at the SOCC or SOTG/SOATG level, preferably with NATO deployment or exercise experience related to intelligence or ISR operations.  Ideally, students will be SOCC-level J2 or J3 personnel. 

Requirements:  Students should have a 3322 rating in English language skills and should be comfortable speaking English in front of groups.  In addition, students should be comfortable using Microsoft Office software.

Security:  A NATO SECRET clearance is required for this course, and students must provide a copy of their security clearance upon arrival at the NSOS.


*Mandatory: Students must register for a JADL account.

*Mandatory:  Students must complete the advanced distributed learning (ADL) module Introduction to NATO Special Operations

*Mandatory: Students must complete the advanced distributed learning (ADL) module NATO Intelligence an Overview.

*Mandatory: Students must complete the advanced distributed learning (ADL) module NATO JISR Operations Awareness Course.