Welcome to the NSHQ Air Development Programme. On this website you can find information about ADP efforts in enhancing NATO SOF air and aviation by our three branches:

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NATO Air Conference 14 - 15 - 16 September 2021

Rules of enrolment (not later than 27th August 2021):

  1. Contact ADP to join the Conference at: pietro.izzo@nshq.nato.int (or nshqadp@nshq.nato.int)
  2. Provide a copy of National ID and NATO SECRET Security Clearance
  3. Register on the NSOS Website (only if you don't have an NSOS Account) 

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Our Mission

The NSHQ Air Development Programme’s mission is to accelerate and synchronize Alliance efforts to enhance capability, capacity and interoperability of SOF air/aviation.

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Our Vision

The ADP is the primary point of direction and coordination for all NATO Special Operations Air Warfare related activities in order to provide the gravely needed vehicle for accelerating and synchronizing Alliance efforts to enhance capability, capacity and interoperability of SOF Air. ADP serves as the leader for NATO SOF Air/Aviation by determining and improving quantitative and qualitative aspects of SOF Air/Aviation across the network of NSHQ nations and partners. ADP pursues to deliver high quality support to nations by providing policy, doctrine, training, education, assessments and evaluation. Keeping the SOF truth in mind that “humans are more important than hardware” the main focus of ADP is on the mindset of SOF airmen and associated staff. The endstate are highly educated and equipped interoperable NATO SOF Air/Aviation forces that meet the requirements of the future.