As many are aware, one of the NATO goals is “Smart Defense”, a central tenet of the FSTCO.  As you explore the website, you will undoubtedly discover opportunities that will enable your nation’s SOF to continue to train to the highest standards while navigating the challenges of fiscal constraints and budget concerns.

A Comprehensive Approach is the key for optimizing and increasing NATO SOF interoperability, capabilities and procedures standardization.

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Our Mission

The NSHQ establish and coordinate a NATO FSTCO by linking National facilities and training opportunities with the Alliance’s (SACEUR’s) operational requirements, in order to promote standardized training, increase NATO SOF capabilities, and enhance their interoperability.

Training Course Catalog

Our Vision

The NATO FSTCO is built around existing training and education opportunities offered by NATO entities, Alliance members and civilian (commercial) partners. It is not interfere with National training policy and/or prerogatives.

The NATO FSTCO will not compete against already well-established and functioning NATO SOF opportunities. It intends to fill the gap between NATO SOF Nation’s shortfalls that avoid filling requirements or they are in trouble to be fulfilled, due to competence, costs or lack of proper environment.