(SOF-SO25642) ADL Introduction to Digital Force Protection


Details of the eLearning course are:

  • The course is 6 academic days (Fri-Fri) from 26Mar - 02Apr.
  • The estimated time commitment is approximately 3-4 hours per day.
  • The course will be taught at the NATO Unclassified level.
  • The course includes as much of the resident course material as possible.  The course will familiarize the graduates with digital force protection concepts, vulnerabilities, and basic techniques .  

The course will be conducted in an eLearning format, meaning that it will consist of:

  • Daily online lessons to be completed at your own pace
  • Interactive online discussion forums that will be monitored by instructors
  • End of module online quiz to assess student learning
  • Live video discussions, to review the lesson content.  The video discussions will include participation of the entire class and Instructors/Subject Matter Experts who will be available to answer any questions, elaborate on key points of the lessons, respond to any concerns, etc. These live video sessions will be approximately 1 hour long depending on the number of questions introduced by students.

The course will provide students an introduction to protecting NATO SOF entities in digital environments, both at home as well as during exercises and operations.  Students will be introduced to navigating digital space securely and understand the role digital information plays in 21st century warfare, including adversary capabilities and methods. 

The increased use of social media coupled with advances in data collection and aggregation capabilities often undermines Operational Security and leaves forces vulnerable to adversaries who are intent on acquiring and exploiting sensitive, critical information. Digital Force Protection (DFP) awareness and education are critical to protect Alliance SOF operators.

This course has a computer heavy curriculum.

In addition to a 3322 in English language skill, students should be comfortable speaking English in front of groups to participate in this course.

Students must have a NATO JADL account to take this course.

  • SOF-SO25642-B-2021-22

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