(SOF-SO-31915) NATO Special Operations Air Mission Commanders Course


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Course description: The NATO SOF AMC Course prepares students to lead special air operations within the joint environment. Students will be able to apply the knowledge and procedures learned during the course to a range of operational scenarios; utilizing critical thinking, risk management analysis, problem-solving, decision-making and leadership to plan and conduct special air operations. Furthermore, ADP concluded that developing an AMC course not only provides a unique tactical leadership training opportunity, but also supports the wider education of future SOF Air leaders.

Course objectives: Students will demonstrate the NATO SOF AMC mindset, competencies, and principles for operating in a joint environment.

  1. Mindset - the value of:
    • Strategic awareness
    • Creative thinking
    • Consequence management
    • Balance risk
    • Interpersonal skills – emotional intelligence
    • Precision and attention to detail
  2. Competencies - ability to show:
    • Leadership
    • Critical Thinking – analysis
    • Planning expertise
    • Multi-tasking
    • Crisis management
  3. Principles:
    • Explain NATO Doctrine, tenets and procedures relating to SOF Operations.
    • Utilize air space management and coordination measures.
    • Define the SOF Tasks

Course set-up: This will be a 9 day course conducted twice per academic year and will run at the NSOS campus on Chievres Airbase, Belgium. In addition to 2 hrs of Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), the course will consist of 63.5 hrs contact hours of instruction in the form of structured lessons, case studies, scenario based activities (SBAs), syndicate sessions and practical exercises (PEs). There will be one off-site day during the course, where students will experience and learn from other SOF leadership considerations.

Target audience: Mid-level to senior level NATO aviation officers either assigned to or soon to be assigned to a NATO SOF aviation task unit. Students will be experienced aviators in their aircrew positions, preferably instructor qualified, and considered suitably experienced to undertake AMC duties under national selection criteria.


  1. Rank: Officers up to and including OF-4
  2. Duty Position and Experience: As a minimum, nominated by their nations as Air Mission Commanders. Pilots will be aircraft commander/captain qualified and all other aircrew positions will be instructor qualified or nominated for instructor duties.
  3. Security Clearance: NATO SECRET.
  4. Language Proficiency: Students should have a 3333 in English language proficiency and should be comfortable speaking English in front of groups.
  5. Computer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Office.
  6. Other Prerequisites: Attended the NSHQ Special Operations Air Planning Course (SOAPC) or an equivalent, and to have completed the following ADL courses:
    • Introduction to NATO SOF
    • Strategic, Critical and Creative Thinking
  • SOF-SO-31915-B-2021-22

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  • SOF-SO-31915-A-2022-23

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