(SOF-SO-35641) Managerial Level Building SOF


The programme design is a 10-day course that applies a constructivist (group) learning theory and a blended learning strategy that includes lectures, syndicates, peer-to-peer engagements, vignettes, examples, and practical application for educational delivery.

Course content is strictly based on historical and operational evidence of past successes from NATO SOF leaders. Lessons, discussions, and practical sessions will be developed and delivered by a team of international SMEs with a broad experience in NATO SOF and force development.


This course delivers education, training, and cross-communication skills to NATO and partner nations on the processes and complexities associated with building, developing, implementing, and sustaining a national SOF capability.


Relate the SOF organizational concept; apply the SOF capability process.

Target Audience

This course is designed for SOF, military, and civilian managerial-level leaders from NATO and partner nations, within the ranks of OF4 – OF5 and OR8 – OR9, or civilian equivalent. An understanding of SOF capabilities and military force development is desirable but not required.


Students should be comfortable speaking English in front of groups. A language certification is not required.

A NATO SECRET clearance is required for this course, and students must provide a copy of their security clearance upon arrival at the course location.

  • SOF-SO-35641-B-2021-22

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