(NETC-34) Network Engagement and Targeting Course


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This is a NATO Special Operations School (NSOS) hosted event.  Training is provided by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) G-2 Network Engagement Team.

 Experienced with tailored training to U.S. Special Operations Forces, the NETC team will provide a foundation for how to use advanced data-driven network analysis methods to support operations.  These skills are essential for the analysis of large ("big"), or small complex multi-source, multi-INT, data.  The methods taught in this course have been leveraged by advanced top-tier targeting cells for almost two-decades and have contributed to locating Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.  The same methods are now being used to analyse and craft operations and strategic messaging campaigns.

Who:  G/J-3,-2,-5, -9, IO, CA, PSYOP

What:  How to apply Social Network Analysis (SNA) concepts and methodologies to support targeting and engagement recommendations.

How:  Attendees will learn, and apply, scientific network analysis techniques/concepts which enable effective lethal and non-lethal targeting.  These processes are streamlined by using free network analysis software tools.  Instruction will include advanced SNA techniques and concepts. SNA enables nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the threat, nuetral, and friendly networks with which your teams engage.  

Software:  The primary SNA software instructed during the course will be Organizational Risk Analyzer (ORA).  Gephi, NodeXL, and other SNA software may be utilized and instructed based on unit requirements.  Most of these software options are free, or low cost.  If your unit requires training on Gephi, NodeXL or other SNA software, please coordinate no later than one-month prior to the course start so that instructors can prepare material.

Data:  It is recommended and encouraged that personnel bring their own network data to analyze during the course.  Alternatively, students may use network data provided during the course.  The networks students bring to the course may vary in size from 20 to 5,000 nodes.

Optional Network Data Training: Students may request to come to the course 1-week in advance for guidance and advice on gathering, organizing, and constructing networks relevant to their operations.  Students who wish to attend the 1-week Network Data construction week are required to begin coordinating with the Course Director no later than 01 Sept 2018. 

This is a NATO Special Operations School (NSOS) hosted event.  Training is provided by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) G-2 Network Engagement Team

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