(NIFST-3432) NATO Intelligence Functional Systems Training (NIFST)


*This course is a NCIA training course, being hosted at NSOS.  The primarily audience is not NSHQ/NATO SOF.  If additional seats are available, NSHQ/NATO SOF students may attend. 

ABOUT:  Upon completion of the NATO Intelligence Functional Services Training (NIFST) the qualified student will be able to: - Identify the Intel-FS system in a multi-domain environment. - Demonstrate a working knowledge of the INTEL-FS system-s functions. - Understand the various functions in INTEL-FS for the creation and management of Data Products. - Gain access to Intel-FS from an NS workstation. - Identify the roles, permissions and rights used within INTEL-FS. - Organise and analyse INTEL-FS Data Products using the specialized views. - Execute Search options, save collections and create folders. - Subscribe to RSS feeds, saved searches, collections and data feeds. - Use the available generic functions in INTEL-FS. - Understand the way notifications are used in INTEL-FS.

To successfully take part in this course, the candidate must: - Be able to display and eventually prove theoretical and/or practical skills relating to intelligence analysis - Have basic computer skills including the use of mouse, keyboard and printer. - Be familiar with the use of a graphical user interface (GUI) like windows. - Have Microsoft Windows and the common Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint and Excel)

LANGUAGE:  In accordance with STANAG 6001: English SLP 3232


CLASS SIZE: Minimum 5; Maximum 10


GATE ACCESS: National Identification listed in your NSOS profile.


  • NIFST-3432-A-2021-22

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    NATO SOF Campus

  • NIFST-3432-B-2021-22

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  • NIFST-3432-C-2021-22

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