(HP-02) NATO SOF Human Performance Program Development Course


The 2.5 day course will give personnel tasked with working in, creating, improving, overseeing, assisting or managing a Human Performance Program  (e.g. operators, staff officers, medical personnel, coaches, instructors, psychologists) an overview of different components of a Human Performance Program.  Upon completion they will be able to assess the current status of their commands HP efforts, identify shortfalls (missing capabilities, missing coordination of different components) and develop strategies to mitigate identified gaps. Students will be able to establish a network with international subject matter experts during the course, practical examples of how to implement/ execute elements and evaluate effectiveness within a SOF Command will be discussed.


Previous Classes
  • HP-02-A-2020-21


    Moblie Education Team (MET)

  • HP-02-A-20



  • HP-02-A-19