(NSOF-41) SOCC ISR Operations Course


(NSOF-41) SOCC ISR Operations Course (SIOC)

Duration: 8 academic days (2 weeks)

Course Notes: This course is based on an integrated curriculum and is taught simultaneously with students from (NSOF-39) NATO SOF Intelligence Collections Course students. 

Please be aware that in order to balance the class for execution, you may be requested to switch roles with students from the Intelligence Collections Course, before or during class sessions.  The core curriculum remains valid for you while simultaneously enhancing Operations and Intelligence integration.

During execution these two courses may internally be known as the ‘ISR Operations and Intelligence Collection Course’, or IOIC.

Aim: Improve the understanding of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities required to support NATO SOF missions by ensuring NATO SOCC personnel appreciate the necessary levels of liaison, coordination, and integration required with higher HQ, other component commands, and subordinate unit staff to ensure the efficient and effective planning, execution, and analysis of air, ground, and maritime capabilities to produce the desired effects in a synchronized battlespace.

Objective: Students will demonstrate effective integration between operations and intelligence staff during the planning, directing, monitoring, and assessing of ISR capabilities in support of SOF missions. Students will also demonstrate how operations and intelligence personnel can synchronize ISR capabilities and collection planning to support the component processes of NATO SOF missions.

Description: The SOCC ISR Operations Course (SIOC) focuses on the synchronization and integration of planning and operations of ISR capabilities and assets to support SOF. The track presents various aspects of requesting, coordinating, integrating, monitoring, and assessing ISR in support of special operations.

The SIOC and NSINTC are two course tracks that run in parallel and are synchronized to prepare students to manage ISR capabilities and intelligence collection in support of SOF. Students will apply their knowledge and procedures learned during activities related to relevant scenarios. The scenarios enable students to integrate and synchronize the planning and operations of ISR, assets, processing, exploitation, and dissemination for SOF operations. The courses consist of a series of lectures, hands-on lessons, and exercises that cover an 8-day period.

Target Audience: This course is designed for SOF operators about to be employed at the SOCC or SOTG/SOATG level and have experience in the field and/or NATO SOF exercises. Specifically, the target audience should consist of SOCC-level J3 (operations) personnel to ensure SOCC and SOTG-/SOATG-level staff understand how to interact with and manage component-level ISR processes while also forming an understanding of what to expect from fellow NATO and partner nation officers, senior NCOs, and enlisted members.

Requirements: Students should have a 3322 in English language skill and should be comfortable presenting and briefing in English to a group audience. In addition, students should be comfortable using Microsoft Windows-based software including Microsoft Office.

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