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  • (SOF-SO-35590) NATO SOF Human Performance Physical Trainer Course

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    The NATO SOF Human Performance Trainer Course is a 5-day course specifically designed to give participants fundamental knowledge of modern, evidence base physical training and its application within a SOF unit.  This course is scheduled to be taught 6-10 September 2021, on the Navy SOF Base located at Haakonsvern Naval Base in Bergen, Norway. This 5-day course will give operators, fitness coaches, trainers, physical therapists or medical personnel responsible for training fundamental knowledge of fitness, conditioning, and nutrition. Covid related practices and restrictions regarding delivery of the course will be adhered to.  Covid related travel restrictions are being monitored and each individual is responsible for following national regulations to and from the course.  

    Classes Offered Starting:
    Mon, Sep 06, 2021

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NATO SOF Senior Leaders Course

The NSHQ Professional Education Continuum focuses on the development of the Command Team at every level of leadership. Target audience are OF 4-5 and OR 7-8, serving or preparing to serve as a command team of Special Operations Component Command – SOCC or other similar Operational/Strategic level SOF or supporting SOF Organizations. Each nation/organization is required to request the participation of an equal number of Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers.

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The NATO Special Operations Force Evaluation (SOFEVAL) Course is designed to educate students on the NATO SOF Evaluation Programme and develop the skills required to serve as a SOF Evaluation Team Chief, Area Chief, or Team Member.

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The NATO Special Operations headquarters (NSHQ) will conduct a Basic Intelligence System Core Training Core (BISCT) course, at the NATO Special Operations school (NSOS) campus at Chievres Air Base (CAB), to develop the BICES skills of SOF J2 personnel.

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