Training Catalogue

  • (SOF-SO-31915) NATO Special Operations Air Mission Commanders Course

    NATO Special Operations Air Mission Commanders Course event image

    The NATO SOF AMC Course prepares students to lead special air operations within the joint environment. Students will be able to apply the knowledge and procedures learned during the course to a range of operational scenarios; utilizing critical thinking, risk management analysis, problem-solving, decision-making and leadership to plan and conduct special air operations. The AMC Course also supports the wider education of future SOF Air leaders.

    Classes Offered Starting:
    Mon, Oct 24, 2022

  • (ADP-05) NATO SOF Air Mission Challenge

    NATO SOF Air Mission Challenge event image

    The NATO SOF Air Mission Challenge is a training event, organized as an exercise. Two weeks of mission planning, briefing, and execution in a classroom environment with the use of a virtual SOCC/SOATG scenario and generic SOATU RW, FW, and ISR assets in a multinational environment.  The event also provides the opportunity to train SOATG staff in SOATG Mission Planning Process and tactical C2.  There are trainee positions for A2, A33, and A35. 

    Classes Offered Starting:
    CANCELLED Mon, Nov 28, 2022

  • (SOF-SO-32062) NATO Special Operations Air Planning Course (SOAPC)

    NATO Special Operations Air Planning Course (SOAPC) event image

    The SOAPC is designed to instruct NATO SOF air mission planners at the SOATU/SOATG level who will be assigned to coordinate fixed and/or rotary wing aviation in support of ground and/or maritime operation. The course will provide the students with the knowledge and mindset to plan and brief all phases of special air warfare operations. A combination of academics, vignettes en practical exercises will be used alongside an operational scenarion.

    Classes Offered Starting:
    Tue, Nov 29, 2022

NATO SOFEVAL Course event image


The NATO Special Operations Force Evaluation (SOFEVAL) Course is designed to educate students on the NATO SOF Evaluation Programme and develop the skills required to serve as a SOF Evaluation Team Chief, Area Chief, or Team Member.

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ADL Introduction to Digital Force Protection

During this six-day online course students will be introduced to Digital Force Protection concepts and techniques necessary for keeping NATO SOF personnel secure in the digital environment. Digital Force Protection (DFP) awareness and education are critical to protect Alliance SOF operators.

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Countering Hybrid Threats (CHT) Course

The West’s dominance in warfare has forced potential adversaries to adopt a different strategic approach, combining conventional and unconventional forces, criminal elements, information operations, economic measures, and subversion. This course explores: the origins, nature, and components of hybrid threats; strategy development options to oppose hybrid threats; how to understand the Comprehensive Approach aspects available for pre-conflict activities.

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