About NSOS

The NATO Special Operations School, or NSOS, provides NSHQ with an engagement capability focused on training and education for the Alliance and partner nations’ SOF. The school is an extension of the Deputy Chief of Staff – Education and Doctrine (DCOS E&D), which includes the Education, Doctrine, J7 and ADP (exercises, assessments, and evaluations) Directorates. The DCOS E&D ensures that the school’s curriculum is synchronized with doctrine, training, and operations.

Approximately 19 kilometers north of SHAPE, NSOS provides the command with a physical and virtual SOF campus at Chièvres AB. Its facilities were purposely built to exploit technology and to incorporate the SOF mindset into the academic design in order to provide an environment that educates and trains for uncertainty. The campus’ flexible infrastructure and technology also supports how adults learn best to meet thoughtful educational objectives. Classrooms are configured to accommodate the best environment for learning, which includes two operational centres and multiple syndicate rooms with moveable high-quality whiteboard walls and mobile desks with computers to accommodate lectures, syndicate discussion, and planning spaces.

The school conducts courses organically and hosts courses from partner military education and training institutions as part of the overall NSOS.