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Course Information

NATO SOF Human Network Analysis and Support to Targeting Course

The NATO SOF HNAT Course is designed to educate NATO SOF intelligence analysts in the analytical techniques used in Human Network Analysis and Support to Targeting from a unique SOF perspective.  Concepts and techniques covered include: fusion of multi-source reporting; network identification; examining network structure; the social/cultural, political, and economic factors impacting networks; what allows a network to form (motivation and purpose); identifying functional areas of networks based on activity; applying social network analysis  concepts; visualizing networks structurally, geospatially, and temporarily; employing various intelligence tools (Analyst’s Notebook, ORA, ArcGIS, and others); describing how, where, when, and why a network operates; identification of key nodes; pattern of life analysis; and concepts of how to effectively target and engage networks.  This course also allows for discussions about experience, lessons learned, best practices, and general knowledge of human networks that are beneficial to the NATO SOF intelligence community.

Duration:  10 academic days (2 weeks)

Additional Training Opportunity:

The NATO Special Operations School began hosting the Network Engagement and Targeting Course (NETC) in 2018.  The NETC is intended as a complement to the Human Network Analysis and Support to Targeting Course (HNAT) and is typically conducted the week after an HNAT is completed.  Students will learn how to use data and Social Network Analysis (SNA) to support targeting and engagement recommendations.  NETC focuses on the academic theory and application of Social Network Analysis to identify key nodes in a network.  The methods taught in this course have been leveraged by advanced top-tier targeting cells for almost two-decades and have contributed to locating Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.  The same methods are now being used to analyse and craft operations and strategic messaging campaigns. For more information, or to register, please visit the following page: NETC

Course ID:  NSOF-34      MASL #:  D272039      NATO e-TOC #:  SOF-SO-32059

Additional Information:

LOCATION: BELGIUM, Chievres, NATO Special Operations School campus

CATEGORY: Intelligence / S2 / Human Network Analysis and Support to Targeting

COURSE LEVEL: Beginner to Advanced - prior intelligence or SOF experience recommended



Note:  Prior to 2018, this course was named Threat Network Analysis Course. The HNAC had it's first major revision in November 2016.


Course Aim

Provide an introduction to conducting Human Network Analysis and Support to Targeting activities in a NATO Special Operations Component Command (SOCC) All-Source Analysis Centre (ASC) or Special Operations Task Group (SOTG). 


Prepare NATO SOF intelligence analysts operating in a SOCC ASC, or SOTG to fuse multi-source intelligence in order to conduct Human Network Analysis and Support to Targeting activities which support SOF missions. The course is also intended to provide a place to share lessons learned and develop analytical techniques.

Target Audience

Students attending this course should be mid- to senior-level intelligence analysts from NATO and partner nations.



Language: Students should have a 3322 in English language skill and should be comfortable speaking English in front of groups.

Classification: NATO SECRET clearance is required for this course, and students must provide a copy of their security clearance upon arrival at NSOS.

Duration:  10 academic days (2 weeks)


This course has a computer-heavy curriculum.

Students should be very comfortable with;

          1) Microsoft Windows

          2) Microsoft Office and PowerPoint 2010 and later before attending the course.