Course Iterations

Sub Number Date Location Registration
SOF-SO-32057-A-2024-25 02 Sep - 05 Sep, 2024  RL: NATO SOF Campus
SOF-SO-32057-C-2024-25 16 Sep - 19 Sep, 2024  METT: METT POL
SOF-SO-32057-B-2024-25 23 Sep - 27 Sep, 2024  METT: METT CZE
SOF-SO-32057-D-2024-25 04 Nov - 07 Nov, 2024  METT: METT DEU
SOF-SO-32057-E-2024-25 17 Feb - 20 Feb, 2025  METT: METT GBR
SOF-SO-32057-F-2024-25 24 Feb - 27 Feb, 2025  RL: NATO SOF Campus
SOF-SO-32057-G-2024-25 24 Mar - 27 Mar, 2025  RL: NATO SOF Campus

Course Information


The NATO SOF Evaluation (SOFEVAL) is a 4 days long Course designed to prepare future SOF evaluators/monitors to observe and evaluate a SOCC HQ or SOTG HQ as a member of a SOFEVAL Team or as representatives of NATO. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of procedures learned in classroom sessions during “live environment” events where they will practice and apply the skills and processes required of a SOF evaluator/monitor/SOFEVAL team member.  The course culminates with the preparation of written reports in accordance with the SOFEVAL standards from ACO Forces Standards Volume XI.  Graduates of the SOFEVAL Course will be able to use the relevant aspects of the SOFEVAL Programme to plan, conduct, and provide feedback regarding a unit’s capability and combat readiness to conduct NATO Special Operations.

This course is designed for officers (OF-2 - OF-6), non-commissioned officers (NCOs) (OR-6 - OR-9), and senior level government employees' selected by their respective nations to serve as members of a SOF Evaluation Team.  Students should possess subject matter expertise in both national and NATO SOF policy and doctrine for their functional area and have a proven ability to work and collaborate in a live or “simulated live” environment. Evaluated Organisations (operational staff from SOF) and members of EXCONs are also highly encouraged to take the course. The course is entirely based on real world lessons learned/best practices of SOFEVALs and Chapters 1-5 in ACO AFS VOL XI SOFEVAL Manual. The 4 day course provides an official NATO certification as NATO SOF Evaluator. 


  • Duty Position and Experience:  It is recommended that students have previous experience as a member of a National SOCC or equivalent HQ, SOTG HQ  or have previously served in a supporting or enabling role to SOF. If students are not a Special Operations Qualified Operator or Enabler, it is mandatory to read the ADL 101 Introduction to NATO Special Operations prior to attending the course. It is highly reccomended to take the course which can be found on the NSOU Training Portal. Additionally, if students are not aware of AJP-3.5 and the Bi-SC Capability Codes and Capability Statements for NATO SOF - those documents should be reviewed prior to attending the course. 

  • Language Proficiency:  Standard Language Profile of 3332 in English language skills as described in NATO STANAG 6001.  Students should additionally be comfortable presenting and briefing to an audience in English..

  • Registration: registration closes two weeks prior the beginning of the course.  If applicants can not apply for a unclassified NSOU Training Portal Account due to security concerns, they can contact their national training managers and personal information can be shared with NSHQ J7 on secure means.

If access to classified documents is granted, it is highly recommended that students review  NR ACO Forces Standards Volume X edition APR 24 and NR ACO Forces Standards Volume XI  edition 2024 before attending this course.