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COVID-19 Special Communication

Please read the following special communications from the NSOS Education Director:

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and its continued progression across Europe and the globe, the NATO Special Operations School will not be offering residential courses through the end of May, and will instead seek to offer this instruction, whenever possible, through virtual means. 

Specifically, this impacts the following:

1. Special Operations Air Task Group Course (16-19 Mar)
2. SOCC Staff Course (23-27 Mar)
3. SOCC Planning Course (31 Mar to 10 Apr)
4. Special Operations Air Planning Course (31 Mar to 9 Apr)

As well as:

1.  International Mid-Level Leaders Course (Lithuania):16-27 Mar
2.  Baltic Sea Intel Fusion Center Training (Lithuania): 23-27 Mar

To mitigate the loss of residential courses, NSOS will be presenting portions of this important training to the SOF Alliance via VTC for those that are able to receive it, with the initial focus on the SOCC Staff and SOCC Planning Courses.  We are currently working through the details and will reach out to all enrolled students with instructions on how to receive the training.

We appreciate your understanding as we undertake these measures to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and community.  The status of future courses beyond May 2020 will be determined at a later date, with priority enrolment given to NRF for future iterations.  All students currently enrolled will be given priority for enrolment in future iterations.

Additional Information:

COVID-19 Shape Advice (English)
Important information regarding the virus and reporting procedures are contained in this document.

Further information about the Coronavirus 2019 can be found at the WHO website:


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Across the spectrum of conflict, NSHQ provides strategic SOF advice, synchronizes NATO special operations activities and enables related SOF capability development in order to deter potential peer state and terrorist threats and defend the Alliance. 

Our Vision

NSHQ 2020 Priorities

  1. Support NATO Operations and NATO Response Force (RSM, NMI, OSG, KFOR, NRF SOCC, NSHQ Deployable Entities).* 
  2. Implement SOF 3C Concept (Competition, Crisis and Conflict) and include Comprehensive Defence, Volckmann and JFO efforts, and aim for Theatre SOF Component (TSC) Initial Operating Capability by 15 December 2020. 
  3. Enable the NSHQ Operations Coordination Center (NOCC) and increase situational awareness of national SOF activities across NSHQ and nations.
  4. Expand Partnership activities.
  5. Align education, training and professional development to priorities.

* Includes planning and operations support, ensuring strategic SOF domain advice.