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NATO Special Operations News

NATO SOF Leaders Convene in Slovenia

NATO SOF Leaders Convene in Slovenia Lt. Gen. Antonio Fletcher presents a gift to Lt. Col. Matija Jazbec, Commander of Slovenia Special Operations Unit for thanking the Slovenia Special Operations Unit in co-hosting the conference.

POSTOJNA, Slovenia – The Slovenia Special Operations Unit and the Allied Special Operations Forces Command jointly hosted the NATO Special Operations Commanders' Conference in Postojna, October 3-5, 2023.

This year’s conference theme was 'Special Operations Forces Support to Multidomain Operations'.

The conference brought together the Special Operations Forces Commanders and Senior Enlisted Leaders from more than 30 NATO Allied and Partner nations to foster dialogue and practical cooperation. They discussed SOF implementation of the Concept for Deterrence and Defence of the Euro-Atlantic, along with implications to command and control, force generation, and cohering national derived effects against Alliance objectives.

Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Gen. Christopher Cavoli, provided remarks to the senior leaders emphasizing the role of SOF in the security of the Alliance.

"You play a pivotal role in shaping this strategic landscape. You are creative thinkers and problem solvers,"" said Gen. Cavoli. "We need your help as we modernize our system of collective defence."

NATO SOF Leaders Convene in Slovenia Lt. Gen. Antonio Fletcher engages in conversation with Maj. Gen. Dobran Božič., Military Advisor to the Slovenian Minister of Defence and the Slovenia Special Operations Unit Command Team.

Throughout the conference, emphasis was placed on cohering the SOF approach with the Joint Force Commands and other domains to ensure a coordinated and synchronized approach to deterrence and defence of the Alliance.

For this to be successful, Lt. Gen. Antonio Fletcher, Commander Allied SOFCOM, stressed “the importance of a shared vision that is easily understood and aligns horizontally and vertically to achieve our strategic objectives”.

As the conference co-host, Lt. Col. Matija Jazbec, Commander of Slovenia Special Operations Unit, presented the Slovenian special operations forces, their capabilities and capacity within the SOFCOM enterprise. "Members of the Special Operations Unit of Slovenian Armed Forces are very honoured to co-host the Fall Commanders Conference and fruitful discussions among the commanders and CSELs. Slovenian special forces will continue to be a credible partner and support the efforts of the SOF alliance."

Lt. Gen. Fletcher closed the conference, thanking Slovenia for hosting it and encouraging the senior SOF leaders to continue the discussions at their commands and provide feedback in upcoming events.

The NATO SOF Commanders and Senior Enlisted Leaders meet in person two times each year to contribute to advancing SOF efforts in Allies and Partner interoperability and unity of effort by providing senior military leaders the opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities together. These in-person conferences advances conversations from various bilateral and other virtual events throughout the year.

Story by SOFCOM Public Affairs Office.