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Our Vision


NSHQ will be innovative, forward thinking, and focused on advancing Allied and Partner SOF capability and interoperability to meet the challenges of the 21st century with the best SOF fighting Alliance in the world.


Innovation is core to the ethos of SOF, and my priority for 2018 is to create a mindset of innovation in everything we do.  We will not change for the sake of change, but we will use our unique position as an MOU organization to seize opportunities when we can.  We understand that it is ok to try – we will not always be successful.  However, we will strive to gain more effectiveness and efficiency within NSHQ and within all of NATO SOF through an understanding that we must find new ideas and methods if we are to remain relevant and ready as SOF in the 21st century.

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Focus Areas

  • Promote and coordinate SOF capability development for Allies and Partners. 
  • Provide strategic SOF advice for NATO.
  • Motivate, support, and grow the SOF team (and have fun along the way).



NSHQ provides strategic SOF advice to NATO, and coordinates the development of SOF capability and interoperability for Allies and Partners.  Within a comprehensive framework, we balance strategic and operational planning to employ relevant, ready, integrated SOF for NATO.


Welcome to the NATO Special Operations Headquarters and the NATO Allied and Partner SOF Collaborative Network!

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