COVID 19 Special Statement

As of 18 December 2020, and in accordance with Belgian law and the SHAPE Chief of Staff Order dated 25 Nov 2020, students travelling to NSOS from certain regions and countries are required to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in Belgium.

The SHAPE COS order requires quarantine from the red areas listed in the Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs website: https://diplomatie.belgium.be.

As required, 48 hours prior to your arrival in Belgium, you have to fill out and submit the "Passenger Locator Form" (https://travel.info-coronavirus.be/public-health-passenger-locator-form). 

You will automatically receive a QR code as well as a text message with a "prescription code for corona testing." You don't have to get a doctor's prescription but instead, you show this text message at the Corona testing centre.

NSOS will continue to update this site with the most current information.

NATO Special Operations School COVID-19 “New Normal”

COVID-19 Shape Advice (English)

COVID-19 Information at the WHO website

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Across the spectrum of conflict, NSHQ provides strategic SOF advice, synchronizes NATO special operations activities and enables related SOF capability development in order to deter potential peer state and terrorist threats and defend the Alliance. 

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Our Vision

NSHQ 2021 Priorities

  1. Provide strategic level support to current NATO operations and NATO SOF readiness
  2. Develop the NOCC in order to understand and provide cross functional NSHQ support to national SOF activities and where/when appropriate integrate the effects achieved by these activities into NATO
  3. Embrace the DDA, including the SSD for Peacetime Vigilance and development of the SASP, SSP and regional Plans to reorganize the way that SOF contributes to NATO objectives
  4. Reinforce the success of the J9 Partnership Dir and connect this activity to NATO deterrence and defense objectives and wider SOF capability development
  5. Integrate CD and related concepts/efforts to support the development of national capabilities and NATO policy
  6. Update E&D based on the above; ensure mutually-reinforcing loop between Ops/P&P and all NSOS and DLL efforts